ICO Rating Report /Ongoing 【Episode 1】

Project : CryptoIndex


Risk Classification : Alert

Rank : CC

  • Market analysis :  C
  • Team : BB
  • Feasibility : D

The blockchain infrastructure of the project’s data financial services, including analytics services, is currently a phenomenon of homogenization in the market. With fierce competition, market space is limited. The project has no outstanding features and is not worth investing. Even if they claim CryptoIndex is a platform powered by AI, the practical value is still unpredictable. As for allocation of tokens, they intend to sell 90% of tokens, and the team only retains 3%, but the token economy described in the white paper is not enough to support it to form a virtuous circle and ultimately return investors.

Project : W12


Risk Classification : Warning

Rank : DD

  • Market analysis : D
  • Team : CC
  • Feasibility : D

By maintaining escrow platform based on smart contracts,which allow to freeze collected funds until projects reach certain milestones, the project does not need to develop a smart contract and a personal account independently . But a centralized company to do the lock-in behavior is of  poor feasibility, and the vision could be hard to achieve. It has been stated in the white paper that up to 81% of projects are scams (although we think this number should be over 98%), so most projects will not participate in W12. There are fundamental conflicts of interest in the marketing of the project. However, they plan to make a profit by paying commissions from platform users, which expects a large amount of users on the platform.As for team, they don’t have enough members who already have blockchain work experience to support the project because the wish they carried out is a really high technical demand mission.

Project : MyCryptoBank


Risk Classification : Alert

Rank : CCC

  • Market analysis : D
  • Team : CCC
  • Feasibility : BB

MyCryptoBank offers its clients a multifunctional platform of banking service, which represents a hybrid system combining digital and traditional currencies. With high feasibility, the key is the establishment of barriers. The project has a certain market size and considerable practical value. It is a possible scenario which combines traditional banking and blockchain.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/tuoluocaijing

Website: https://www.tuoluocaijing.cn

Rating standard


Excellent project with high value, Highly recommended


Quality project with upper middle value, Normally recommended


General project which have certain potential


Low quality project with not much value, Not recommended


Fraud or scam project with no value, Strongly not recommended

Risk classification


Investors can participate in the project.


With certain risks, Investors should be carefully when investing, with a small amount of money.


With more unclear information, higher risk, not recommend to invest, or do not invest.


The project is suspected of fraud, do not invest.

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