ICO Rating Report /Ongoing 【Episode 2】

Project : GOeureka

Risk Classification: Notable

Rank: BB

  • Market analysis:BBB
  • Team: B
  • Feasibility: BBB

Website: https://goeureka.io


Hotels now rely heavily on OTAs for online sales, which struggle to offer breadth of choice and do not have the same amount of resources to compete on a level playing field with the OTA. They are beholden to working with third-party booking engines often under unfavorable terms. OTAs in different major economies form oligopolies to control the online booking sector, allowing them to charge the same good or service differently for different consumers. This kind of price discrimination allows the seller to obtain the highest revenue possible. By price discrimination, regional monopolies ( OTAs) captures consumer surplus, which do harm to the consumer’interests. Applinig blockchain technology can not only effectively avoid this problem but also make a unprecedented change of the industry. They could provide an affordable and efficient platform for hotels and consumers to directly engage and transact with each other, removing the inequitable commissions to OTAs that ultimately decrease hotels’ margins and increase consumer prices. In general, Goeureka deserves to be taken notice.

Project : Freldo

Risk Classification: Alert

Rank: C

  • Market analysis:C
  • Team: CC
  • Feasibility: BBB

Website: https://freldo.com/


They want to create a free public place, where small businesses and their customers – who are close friends and acquaintances – could communicate. They set up a website to try, establishing direct communication between the seller and the buyer, excluding any interference or influence of intermediaries. By their demonstration of the whitepaper, Freldo’s business model is a kind of circle-commence which has well-developed in china called Wechat business. This business model itself is obviously feasible in some extent, but more importantly, it’s the problem of cultivating user spending habits in this way , proposing regulations and supervision.





Twitter: https://twitter.com/tuoluocaijing

Website: https://www.tuoluocaijing.cn

Rating standard


Excellent project with high value, Highly recommended


Quality project with upper middle value, Normally recommended


General project which have certain potential


Low quality project with not much value, Not recommended


Fraud or scam project with no value, Strongly not recommended

Risk classification


Investors can participate in the project.


With certain risks, Investors should be carefully when investing, with a small amount of money.


With more unclear information, higher risk, not recommend to invest, or do not invest.


The project is suspected of fraud, do not invest.

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